A local, Canadian table company dedicated to quality, personalized products

The Table Factory is family owned and operated business based out of Ontario, Canada. It’s our mission to deliver stunning, quality, custom tables and wood furniture to our clients all over North America.

Our story begins in a workshop…

Dave Maga, the founder of The Table Factory, had a vision to create unique furniture for Canadians.  His search led him to a Condemned Studebaker and Massey Harris Factory.  Dave salvaged the factory flooring from these buildings and started making some really cool tables!  As any reclaimed material it eventually ran out

Then, we expanded…

With the reclaimed market becoming increasingly competitive and less desirable, Dave decided to double down and expand into new materials.  He had been watching an up and coming woodworker who excelled at his craft and showed an extreme eye for care and detail.  Dave prided himself in his judge of skill and character and soon filled the company with a very highly skilled team in woodworking, metal work, finishing, and stone and laminate work.  Working together they help create the beautiful pieces we see today.

Our Core Values

Quality starts with the Materials you use.  We use only the best quality materials for our projects

We invest in people and build a team of quality and skilled individuals to help deliver the best product every time

Our clients are everything.  We are dedicated to serve and produce a high quality product to our client’s specifications.

The Future is Bright

We are a fast growing company and have worked on many exciting projects.  As a company we are focused on expanding into new and exciting markets while keeping our high standards and values.  We look forward to working with you! 

Have an idea for your next project? Let us help bring your vision to life!

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